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The clarinet was the first instrument developed by Henri SELMER, renowned clarinetist at the Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine and the Opéra Comique. The enduring spirit of innovation, and the closeness to clarinetists around the world, are reflected daily in the design of the instruments, which are made with the musicians and for the musicians.

Located in Mantes-la-Ville (France) for over a century, today our workshops are the only factory in the world with the know-how to manufacture the entire clarinet family.

Designed to become the natural extension of your breath, each note has clarity, immediate vibration, and guaranteed reliability via the EVOLUTION★ system. We are presenting you this new tool for playing with great ease.

For four years, the Henri SELMER Paris development team and orchestra clarinet players from different countries, brought together for this project, have been combining their knowledge and experience to produce the MUSE set of professional clarinets.

With optimized ergonomics, tone rich in harmonics and well calibrated intonation with precise intervals, ultimately, its reliability lies in its materials thanks to the EVOLUTION★ system. MUSE clarinets were designed to become both tools and accomplices for clarinet players and they benefit from the excellent manufacturing quality of Henri SELMER Paris clarinets.

The care taken in selecting the wood and the refined aesthetics of these instruments, in addition to how pleasing they are to play, will aim to inspire clarinet players from all generations and music styles, both amateurs and professionals.


  • Precise Response
  • Beautifully balanced tone colors
  • EVOLUTION system on upper joint for added reliability
  • New bore design
  • 64 & 65mm barrels included
  • Highest Quality Grenadilla
  • Silver Plated keys


  • Key of A (A16MUSE)
  • Specially selected Grenadilla wood
  • EVOLUTION system on upper joint
  • Newly designed bore
  • Silver plated keys
  • Two Barrels 64,65mm with an all-new design
  • Raised C♯/G♯ tone hole for precise tuning
  • Low F and E correction key
  • Gore-tex and leather pads with resonators and cork pad for the register key
  • Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • Selmer Paris professional ‘Echo’ Mouthpiece included
  • Hard shell case
  • B♭ model available as the B16MUSE
  • Left-hand E-flat key model available as the B16MUSE19
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