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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What makes Artisan trumpets better than other Stradivarius trumpets?

A. The Artisan Collections was not developed to be "better" than the current offering of Bach Stradivarius trumpets. Fact is, Artisan trumpets "are" Bach Stradivarius instruments. However, they do offer unique playing characteristics that make them different from all other Bach Stradivarius trumpets. They are great playing horns but they will not be right for everyone. If the Artisan trumpets are not right for you, there is an amazing variety of other Bach Stradivarius trumpets to choose from.

Q. Who was involved the development of the Artisan trumpets?

A. The development of the Artisan Collection has truly been a team effort. Experienced craftsmen, design and process engineers, tool makers, testers, operations management, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and prominent teachers and players, brought years of experience and expertise to the project. We were also very fortunate to have the support and guidance of long-time Bach artist Michael Sachs, principal trumpet with The Cleveland Orchestra. Special thanks go to Michael for his contributions to acoustic design and testing.

Q. What's different about the Artisan trumpets?

A. Primarily, the difference is in the construction. We looked at all of the design features used throughout Vincent Bach's career. Trumpets made in New York City, the Bronx, Mt. Vernon, and Elkhart, Indiana, all had their own unique design elements that contributed to the overall sound and response of those instruments. We know that even the smallest changes in component parts, material, placement, and design, significantly impact how a horn plays. After experimenting with numerous Vincent Bach design elements, we found that the combination found on the Artisan trumpets results in a look and feel similar to that of vintage Bach designs. We also experimented with special processes and materials when making the bells. The result is a signature Bach sound with incredible color, response, and projection.

Q. What "kind" of player is the Artisan geared towards?

A. By their nature, the C, D/Eb, Eb, and Piccolo are primarily geared towards classical players. The Bb, on the other hand, is a great all-around horn. Everyone from great orchestral players to screaming high lead players have picked up the horn and love the response, the feel, and the "color" in the sound.

Q. What is the "special acoustic treatment" used in making the bells?

A. Sorry, this is a proprietary process that for obvious reasons we cannot share. What we can say is that the result is a bell with great response, incredible tonal color, and amazing projection.

Q. What bell and mouthpipe are used on the trumpets?

A. This may be controversial to some customers but you will not find any bell or mouthpipe numbers stamped on the Artisan Collection trumpets. This is because Bach’s current offering of stock/standard bells and mouthpipes do not apply. Our suggestion is to have the customer pick up an Artisan and play it to see if it's right for their use.

Q. Can I order it with a different bell or mouthpipe?

A. No options or substitutions will be available on the Artisan trumpets. They are only available just as they are.

Q. What mouthpiece does it come with?

A. All Artisan trumpets will be shipped less mouthpiece. They are only available as outfits comprised of an instrument and case.

Q. What finishes are available?

A. The Artisan trumpets are only available in clear lacquer and silver-plate finishes. No raw brass, no brush or matte finishes, and no gold plating.

Q. What case does it come in?

A. The Artisan trumpets come in a great new line of cases. All cases have the classic Mt. Vernon Strad look on the outside but have incredible new designs on the inside. Soft micro-fiber material, high-density foam, and extremely functional nest designs provide maximum protection. The Bb and C instruments come standard in a double case that takes care of all the issues found in most double cases. The trumpet sits absolutely level in the case and is suspended by the bell flare and bell tail. The bottom of the valve casing does not touch the bottom of the case. The valve casing fits between a padded "slot" that prevents the horn from "rocking" side-to-side. Any size trumpet, including short and long bell piccolos with fit securely in this system. Storage for mouthpieces and accessories is found in a closed compartment in the divider with a lid and snap. Special mouthpiece rings allow for any size trumpet mouthpiece including those that have extra mass below the rim such as Bach Megatone and other popular mouthpieces. Special closed compartments with zippered pouches hold all of the extra slides and tuning crooks on the Eb and D/Eb models while the piccolo case has individual slots for mouthpieces and the set of four mouthpipes. Designed by a trumpet player for trumpet players, the Artisan cases truly offer the best in form and function.

Q. Can I get them without a case or in a gig bag?

A. They are only available as an outfit in the great new line of Artisan cases.

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