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Pedro Silva

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Pedro Silva was born on July 5, 1990 in the city of Fies, municipality of Santa Maria da Feira. He began his musical studies on trumpet at age 11 in the Band of Miners and Peja Tuna Musical Fies with Professor Srgio Moreira. At 12 he entered the Music Academy of Santa Maria da Feira, where he continued his trumpet studies with Professor Luis Manuel Azevedo until 2007. In 2008 he finished the 8th grade at the Conservatory of Music with Professor Paul Ovens Kings.

Throughout his training he attended several trumpet Masterclasses under the guidance of Professors Hakan Hardenberg, Pierre Dutot, John Hurn Aigi, Steve Mason, Louis Granjo Vasco Faria, Jorge Almeida, Manuel Luis, Hugo Silva. Masterclasses with luur Spanish Brass Metals. Workshop on \"Memorization Techniques\" with Professor Luis Manuel Azevedo, and Jazz Workshop with Professor Paul Gaspar. Attended Workshops / Masterclasses Directorate under the guidance of Maestro Delio Goncalves, Ignacio Petit.

Pedro has collaborated with several orchestras, Chamber Orchestra of Minho, Symphony Orchestra of Povoa de Varzim, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Santa Maria da Feira. Throughout his training has worked under the direction of various conductors Michael Tilson Thomas, Lluis Vila, Martin Baker, Paul Martin, Toby Hoffman, Victor Matos, Luis Carvalho, Francisco Ferreira, Carlos Amarelinho. He made several international tours, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Australia. He was accepted in \"The World Orchestra\" in 2010 and \"Youtube Symphony Orchestra\" in 2011.

In 2011 completed a degree in Music Interpretation area, variant Instrument (Trumpet), University of Minho with Professors Pierre Dutot Faria and Vasco. He is a teacher in various academies in Portugal. He is often invited to play solo. Pedro Silva plays Artisan Bach Trumpets.

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