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Rodolfo Galiano

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Remo Jazz (Rodolfo Galiano) is an Argentine musician with extensive experience in the music of different countries of America, the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina. Artistically he started as a professional in music, singing and playing the trumpet with his brother in the \"Romulus and Remus\", gaining fame with the song \"Beat Martn Fierro\" (a ground breaking hit of the 70s). After finishing his studies as a conductor and master\'s in trumpet he toured major cities in South, Central and North America by acquiring knowledge of Latin rhythms. In 1980 he came to Ecuador, where he made several \"jazzy\" fusion of folk music with jazz Ecuador: Guayaquil de mis amores \" and\" The Quito chulla \" as an example, which are easily recognizable in holiday television spots in Ecuador. Following the development of his musical career, more than 300 concerts in prestigious hotels, clubs and events in major multinationals, as well as countless television appearances, radio and newspapers attest to his high professionalism. In 2007, Ecuador made the first program devoted entirely to jazz with his band and emerging groups, \"El Show de Remo\" issued by International Ecuavisa, having great success in hearing what it takes to make new international touring. His most recent work, \"Mystery,\" \"I\'m taking\" and a remake of \"Fandango\" presented in Buenos Aires in 2009 (Yacht Club Olivos), achieved a great host on radio and in the general public. In 2010 a REMO on a national tour to celebrate 30 years of \"REMO JAZZ\" in Ecuador, concerts in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Ambato and the 2011 launch of his new CD \"SUDAMERIJAZZ\" you have to hear ...

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